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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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community, and also, what can we learn from this. in our attempts to prevent this happening again if there ar elessons learned.")) a community in mourning... the death toll of the deadly this is kpix 5 news at noon we want to provide answers for the families and our community. what can we learn from this? in our attempt to prevent this from happening again.
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our community is in morning. the death toll of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland now stands at 36. that number is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue in the days ahead. good afternoon. i am maria medina.>> i am michelle griego. >> this is the single deadliest fire in oakland history. kpix 5 is live with complete coverage . jackie ward has more on the man at the help of the ghost ship collective. we begin with anne makovec and the latest from the scene. >> reporter: the latest number is 36. 36 bodies have been found in the warehouse. we are taking a live look from chopper 5 above the scene in oakland . work has resumed this morning after it had been put on hold for about nine hours. there was a wall that was in danger of collapsing so they had to put the whole operation on hold. they are now back in the warehouse searching for more
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bodies. there has been 36 found your a believe there will be several more. the other big piece of news that came out overnight was that the atf has pinpointed where they believe this fire started. it is in the back of the building. they also want recovery workers out of that area so they can make sure the area is not effected. they want to preserve all of the evidence so that they will eventually be able to get to the cause of this fire.>> i spoke this morning with a woman who used to live in the ghost ship collective. she said she is not surprised to hear about this weekend's tragedy.>> it was a death trap. >> reporter: seeing the images from friday night's fire and hearing the news that doesn't have died, shelley mac says she knows that could have been
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prevented. >> it was the back stairway. they always run the electrical cords down the back stairway. >> reporter: she describes the building like a maze with gas generators and propane tanks amongst illegal dwellings. the building was only permitted as a warehouse.>> the area that the roof collapsed was where we live. >> reporter: that is near the back of the house where fire officials said the fire began.>> we had some areas -- the atf is pinpointing investigations to pinpoint the cause. at around midnight, the building was deemed too dangerous for the work to continue. recovery workers had to put their mission of finding bodies on hold. the number remains of 36.>> we believe that the number of fire fatalities will increase.>> reporter: knock sounded the warning bell on the hazard.>> police were there. i called them three times. other people did two.>>
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reporter: a police spokesperson said they are reviewing body camera footage evidence >> if they should notice criminal activity, we recorded and document. >> reporter: city council members say the city needs more fire prevention personnel.>> we need to get answers to those questions. in terms of what went wrong, in terms of how we work to make sure it does not happen again.>> reporter: it is playing out in slow-motion.>> some people will say it was an accident. i knew it would happen. i spoke out and nobody did anything.>> reporter: the next step is to get heavy equipment into this area so they can tear away some of the parts of the building that remain. they want to be able to find more bodies that are still trapped inside. pg&e will shut off the power to this area in east oakland for up to 12 hours while they bring in some cranes and other heavy equipment so they can continue
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their recovery process. the investigation is very important recovering those bodies is their number one priority. live in oakland, anne makovec. the death toll is now up to 36 and that number is expected to rise. the faces of the fire victims are beginning to emerge. investigators have positively identified 11 of the victims and delivered the news to their families. we have learned the names of seven of those victims. the process to identify all the victims could take days. a teenage victim is among those confirmed dead. he went to the ruth asawa school of the arts. "we share in the heartbreak of his family and will embrace them and each other. we must rise to this occasion and rally around each other with love, compassion and support.">> as the investigation intensifies, a memorial is growing.
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many friends and family members of the victims have been gathering outside of the warehouse searching for answers.>> karen west has broken my -- known mike meyer his whole life. the 28-year-old was performing that night. >> we have not heard from him.>> i don't know how many more people are left. >> reporter: family members have been asked to preserve members like brushes and combs to help identify the dead. >> this tragedy has had very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his sun -- son in this fire.>> victims are musicians, artists and students. donna kellogg was a barista and studying for a degree in culinary arts and oakland. according to the san francisco chronicle.>> 35-year-old travis pop was a member of the oakland electronic band ghost of lightning. on facebook, his aunt wrote
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there are no words for this loss. frannie what and how are needed to talk about his sun, chase. he was bartending the night of the fire your county officials confirmed his death sunday night. randall says raising chase stepbrother won't be easy.>> every time i see william, chase will pop into my mind. it feels so painful now. in the end, maybe it will be a blessing. >> investigators say their primary focus has been the search and recovery of the victims. once that is completed, they will determine whether criminal charges will be filed. three uc berkeley students are considered missing after attending friday's warehouse party. the daily cal reports griffin madden, jenny morris and vanessa plotkin have not been heard from since the fire. the red cross is stepping up to help those affected and have set up a family assistance center on east 12th street in oakland. if you are looking for a loved one, you can have there in
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person or call the number on your screen. we are learning more about the man at the helm of the ghost ship collective. derrick l meena managed the space without a permit, illegally charging artists to work and live in the warehouse. kpix 5's jackie ward spoke with one of his friends who said the unsafe structure was a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: this is where he is staying with his wife mike up. it also happens to be the hotel where a lot of the media is staying from out of town. while we have not seen him today, we did catch up with one of his friends.>> reporter: outside the oakland hotel where his friend derick ion almena is staying, bob says he was the first person to see the fire. >> i was the first person to say there was a fire.>> reporter: were you able to get to people?>> i was not able to get my friend pete out.
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i try to. i was the last one out outside.>> reporter: this is derick ion almena, the man who operated the ghost ship warehouse and was illegally housing people there. shortly after the fire , he took the facebook saying confirmed. everything i worked so hard for is gone. on several occasions, i stood right in front of the building and said this is not safe. his attitude was that i was being hysterical.>> reporter: danielle is a former friend of him who says he has a cultlike following and fears he will do something violent now that he is at the center of this investigation. they some pictures of what the inside of the ghost ship used to look like, it was a vast collection of art, tapestries and antiques. it was more than that. it was a lot of mildew, piles of clothing and pieces of wood with nails sticking out. neighbors had also complained to the city about a large
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amount of garbage that was not properly contained outside the building. oakland firefighters are still trying to sift through the wreckage. >> i don't know how it was configured but the ground floor, we went in about 20 yards. we knew people were in there and we were trying to get them out. >> reporter: we are aware that this is not his first run-in with the law. tmz is reporting that he is on probation for receiving stolen property. derick ion almena pled guilty in january and was sentenced to 36 on probation. an investigation into what was going on inside this warehouse was open on november 13 but the city never got investigators inside access. >> thank you for that. president obama released a statement a short time ago saying today our prayers go out to the people of oakland in the aftermath of this weekend's
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deadly warehouse fire. oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country and as families and residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, they will have the unwavering support of the american people.>> there are several ways to help the victims. the gray area foundation for the arts as an online fundraising page. the amount raised tops $260,000. the readers and oakland a's are matching up to $50,000 in donations on a webpage. more than $98,000 has been pledged. the warriors are involved as well. the team will donate $50,000 to the unity council to help people affected by the fire. the warriors are donating proceeds from saturday night's 50-50 raffle. you can find those links to those fundraisers on our website, you can also find up-to-the- minute updates on this deadly local fire.
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we are starting off on a cool note. we will wrap up the work week with rain. we will talk about when you will need that umbrella as the news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recovery efforts are at a stand-still. structural engineers are on the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire right now. this is a live picture from chopper 5. recovery efforts are at a standstill. structural engineers are trying to figure out how to secure the area. firefighters had to step away from the building over fears of the walls caving in. we have just learned that there will be a scheduled power outage in the area while crews bring in equipment. it is expected to last 12 hours. the body count is now up to 36.
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that number is expected to grow. several victims have been identified including a 17-year- old high school junior. her family is waiting to hear news of their loved ones. it has been an agonizing 60 hours. firefighters say they think they know where the blaze started. it appears to have come from the buildings back corner. lanes quickly shot up the staircase and only upstairs exit trapping many victims. our team coverage continues with kpix 5 reporter anne makovec who is live on the scene of the deadliest fire in city history. good afternoon everyone. we are going to go right to our live weather camera. you can see how cloudy it is as we take a birds eye view. we are looking in a northerly direction. we are looking at the clouds and the haze. earlier this morning we had pockets of dense fog. it is now 52 in santa rosa
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after dipping down to 38 degrees this morning. the winds are relatively on the flat side. these winds will be note -- notable through the evening commute. here come the clouds on satellite radar. this is the leading edge of a relatively dry cold front. we are the recipient of this right here. see our wind particle map? it gives you a good idea of how the winds are coming. they are coming from the north, pulling down the cooler air mass. that is why we will remain in the 50s all week. futurecast is interesting. we notice increasing clouds for tuesday. we will remain dry. look at wednesday. rain will develop in the north first and across the central bay toward oakland by wednesday evening. it will be very wet on your thursday and cool with moderate to heavy rain. 50 in the central valley.
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high temperatures today into the 50s. here is your extended forecast. it does call for temperatures into the 50s each week. we will have the rain showers wednesday night through thursday. this gives me such great pleasure to talk about this every year. it is time for our food for bay area families check presentation. i believe it is our 15th year doing this. joining us now is the cycling team. we have rob, jordan joining us. tell me about your teams.>> thank you for having us today. we are a committed group of cyclists. we have been writing together the better part of 10 years. the group started with a handful of dads getting together to share our love of bicycles. each year it has grown.>> i
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hear you guys are one of the biggest fundraisers in alameda county. how do you do it?>> if giving is contagious, it is easy to get. it feels good. it is inspiring to us to look at the number of people who get behind us every year to do this. we could not be more pleased or happier to give back to an organization as worthy as this would bank.>> $24,000. how many meals is that?>> 56,000 meals.>> great job. at home, you can help two. donations are expected at whole food markets and cbs -- . we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when you by the slavers, look for colors like this all the way around. make sure the skin is free from any shriveling. when you bring them home, throw them in the refrigerator right away. the green dragon apple, if you've never tried one, give them a try. ,, we went undercover here to hear the pitch.>> it is great. it is specifically for storage.>> would be illegal for their employees to push an insurance policy that the company is profiting from? >> no.>> expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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near friday's deadly warehouse fire. let's go back to 30 minutes ago, officials announced that pg&e is shutting down power near the deadly warehouse fire. let's go back to anne makovec for more on where things stand right now. >> reporter: i just heard from the alameda county sheriff's who said this is one of the most horrific things that he has ever had to deal with in his career. chopper 5 above the scene where the recovery effort has resumed . it was put on hold for about nine hours last night because there were dangerous at one of the walls michael ops into the building onto recovery workers. the search for more bodies continues. the latest number out this morning is 36 bodies have been found. only 11 of them have been identified. the other big news of this
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morning is that the atf has pinpointed the point of origin of the fire. it looks like it was the back of the house. now they will try to figure out what caused the fire. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. that is it kpix 5 news at noon as we leave you , our thoughts are with the families of the victims and the rescue crews who are working around the clock. more on this story on kpix 5 at 5.
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